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About Us

The Tamalpais

Originally hailing from Alaska, the Tamalpais’ rugged exterior is matched by her luxurious interior. The Tamalpais has been the official boat of the SF Giants, hosting game day parties on the water right off AT&T Park. She has hosted the press for Mavericks. She’s taken numerous parties to jump into a shark cage in the Pacific Ocean. A coastwise vessel, she is available for coastal tours as well as Farallon Island tours. 


She also has her elegant side. She’s hosted engagement parties, evening soirees and sunset cruises. From new venture funding celebrations to game day parties to woo investors and vendors, she’s wowed them all. Recently renovated, the Tamalpais is the perfect choice for the most vibrant and engaging, or relaxing and rejuvenating escape from the daily grind.


Our History

Tamalpais Charters is the newest addition to the Angel Island - Tiburon Ferry, family owned and operated since 1959. The McDonogh’s have been in Tiburon since the North Pacific Railroad was extended to Tiburon in 1884, when Sam McDonogh opened McDonogh’s Chowder Boarding House, catering to both visitors and railroad workers.

His son, Sam McDonogh II, nicknamed “Sammy the Skiffman” by those who knew him, transported supplies and personnel to Angel Island as a civilian before becoming known for taking vacationers on fishing excursions by train or ferry. As a member of the community, he helped with the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge by providing a marine shuttle service between the two towers.

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Helping out as a young adult, Sammy the Skiffman’s son Milton learned the ropes from his father before launching the Angel Island Ferry service in 1959. The first vessel in the fleet, the Gaycin, was a converted navy launch vessel named for Milton’s nieces, Gail and Cindy. As the business grew, Milton added several vessels, starting with Margarita, and rounding out the fleet with a custom designed boat, the Angel Island, launched in 1975.


Riding on board the Angel Island with her father Milton from a young age, Maggie knew she wanted to carry on the family tradition. As the Captain of the Angel Island vessel and the President of the Angel Island - Tiburon Ferry, she is an active member of the Tiburon community, blogger, and mom to two adult children, Sam and Becky. Not surprisingly, one of her children has become a captain in his own right, Sam. His youthful exuberance is a perfect match for the newest, most exciting and luxurious charter, the Tamalpais.

With roots going back over 100 years and five full generations responsible for the safe passage of thousands of people in local waters, the McDonoghs have an exceptional reputation for safety and customer service.


Originally established in 1959, the Angel Island Ferry Company is best known for their boat, the Angel Island, and their regular ferry service to Angel Island, plus Sunset Cruises, narrated tours of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, plus Whale Watching and Wildlife Tours, and annual cruises to watch the Blue Angels during Fleet Week and the Fourth of July Fireworks. For more information,

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